Mechanical engineering demands a high standard of expertise in design, specification, and project management. With decades of practical experience to call on, our engineers can provide services covering all the aspects of your building’s performance:

Air conditioning

When it comes to designing the most effective air conditioning system for your building, there is never one solution. Every heating and cooling situation is different and varies depending on many factors. If your air conditioning system is incorrectly sized, you will more than likely be paying more for your power bill than you should be.

Thurston Consulting can design systems to suits all needs, from small homes to multi story high rise buildings, renovations or new builds.


We ensure all services we design are commissioned from a state of static completion to a fully operational system. We ok all equipment and plant installed have been installed correctly and have been testing to current AS/NZS standards to comply with all energy efficiency and health and safety requirements.

Services that require commissioning:

- HVAC Systems, Generators, Switchboards, Water Supply and Sanitation, Pumps, Motors, Fire Detection Systems, ICT Systems, Security Systems, Plant Equipment, Lifts and Escalators and much more.

Compressed air

Inadequate or poorly designed compressed air distribution systems can lead to low productivity, poor air tool performance and perhaps more importantly, high energy bills. In order for a compressed air system to operate properly and cost effectively, it should be carefully designed to meet the needs of your applications.

As part of the design process, there are six items which should be considered and factored into the final system design to give optimum results at maximum efficiency. The six items include demand, compressed air quality, supply, storage, distribution and control or management - all six must work together for the system to achieve top performance levels.

Thurston Consulting can design systems to suit all needs.

Due diligence reports

Here at Thurston Consulting we can perform due diligence reports based on a process of systematic reviews and analysis of the services in your existing premises, or one that you are looking at purchasing.

This will allow you to make confident and informed decisions in any important maintenance requirements in the near future or the added investment required if purchasing an existing building.

Glazing selection

Many factors are considered when selecting glass for a particular application. One must consider the thickness in relation to noise and heat loss. The thermal gaps between glass and the surrounding joinery to reduce condensation. The level of tinting to reduce the amount of solar gain. All of these things must be considered to ensure your building is as energy efficient as possible.

Thurston Consulting provides you with the latest information to allow you to select the right glazing for your project.

Green Star ESD

A green building is one that is designed to be good for people and have a lower impact on the environment.

Greenstar is an internationally-recognised rating system for the design, construction and operation of buildings.

Greenstar considers; Management, Indoor Environment Quality, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Land Use & Ecology, Emissions and Innovation.

If you are considering obtaining a Greenstar rating for your project, ensure you consult with a Greenstar Professional to advise you in the most effective points to target.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient building reduces maintenance and utility costs, but most importantly improves durability, decreases noises and vibrations which in turn increases the overall comfort and safety of the building.

A goal we have at Thurston Consulting is to try to minimise the risks to the environment which are associated with construction and limit the uses of natural resources like energy, water, and raw materials. We have a vast wealth of knowledge in designing to Homestar and Green Star standards and are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best green design can be achieved for your project.

Peer reviews for Council

At ECS and our partner companies (Hydraulic Services Consultants, Protech Design, Thurston Consulting) we have many Chartered Engineers and Council Authorised Producer Statement Authors who can review your designs and provide the appropriate PS2 for Councils.


Refrigeration systems are critical for buildings such as supermarkets, distribution centres, production facilities, processing plants etc.

Thurston Consulting has expert knowledge in the design of these systems and will design the system to suit your needs.

As Built Documentation

Creation of as-built documentation that represents what has been built on site at the completion of the construction period.

The as-built documentation includes drawings, operating instructions, certificates, test results, equipment information.

This information is some of the most important for the ongoing operations and facilities management of a building.

Thermal modelling

Energy, thermal or dynamic modelling is an important process to evaluate the energy efficiency of building elements and local temperature patterns. It allows Architects and Services Engineers to evaluate alternative design solutions to best suit the project in terms of energy, comfort, cost and design.

Thurston Consulting expertly provides energy models to identify architectural and services opportunities to reduce capital costs and reduced operational energy consumption.


Ventilation is a mandatory requirement under the building code. Thurston Consulting provides ventilation designs and reviews in compliance with the building code to suit any projects needs.

This can range from natural ventilation to forced fan mechanical ventilation. We strive to achieve the most cost effective energy efficient solution with means we work closely with Architects to ensure the building's features can be maximised to utilise natural ventilation where possible.

Project Management

We can provide project management services for the mechanical installation.

This includes managing the mechanical design, tender, construction, and commissioning stages of the project.