In 2005 we joined forces with Electrical Consulting Services (ECS) to incorporate electrical, environmental, and building services engineering into the mix. We have also formed partnerships with Hydraulic Services Consultants (HSC), Protech Design, and Vertrans for an integrated design approach drawing on the strengths of specialists, who are each leaders in their fields of hydraulics, fire protection and vertical transportation engineering.

Under the overall management of ECS, this team will deliver a complete solution that is closely matched to the requirements of your project. You benefit from greater accountability, simpler project management and an approach that delivers a better building.

The ECS combined building services team can provide you with services in the following areas:


We provide power designs from the incoming power to a building to the power outlet that your computer plugs into and everything in between.

This generally includes, the transformer or power pillar, main switchboards, distribution boards, outlets for all equipment that requires an electrical connection and all of the cabling and protection.

Our designs are in accordance with the New Zealand Electrical (Safety) Regulations, the AS/NZS Wiring Rules and all associated standards.

Power network design

At early stages of developments it is important to plan the power network to ensure the installation allows for the present and future needs of the development.

We have decades of experience in working with developers and local power authorities to ensure these designs are fit for purpose.

Power supply analysis

When planning a building upgrade or new development, a power supply analysis is required to ensure the correct amount of electrical infrastructure is allowed for.

We produce load estimate reports which can be provided to local power authorities to secure electrical supplies or be used in the electrical design in subsequent stages.

Project management

We can provide project management services for the electrical installation.

This includes managing the electrical design, tender, construction and commissioning stages of the project.

Quantity surveying

We can provide cost estimate and cost checking services for the electrical design.

This is useful for budget planning purposes or cross checking claims from Contractors.


Security alarm systems should be used for perimeter and internal protection. The security alarm system is generally linked into the access control system however, could be stand alone.

The alarm system will have a local or remote arm/disarm point and then sensors will be provided throughout the premises to set off local or remote alarms to deter or alert.


As technology improves, solar is becoming an attractive option to reduce energy bills and potentially earn revenue.

We produce full solar audits to determine the amount of electricity that can be produced from the roof space available on a building and the return on investment and revenue based on current or predicted energy use.

Specialist lighting design

Specialist lighting design is any lighting that is a standout feature within the building or is used to enhance architectural features.

We work closely with the Client, Architect and Interior Designer to design a lighting installation that is truly unique.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic fire sprinklers provide the most effective protection against fire damage. If a fire starts in a sprinkler-protected building, the sprinkler heads immediately above the fire will operate by discharging water to control the fire.

We ensure the most effective designs by partnering with the experts at Protech Design Limited. They have been designing sprinkler systems for over 30 years for all types of buildings including; warehousing and storage, apartments, hotels, residential accommodation, commercial office, retail and shopping centres, industrial etc.

Peer reviews for Council

At Thurston Consulting and our partner companies (Hydraulic Services Consultants, Protech Design, ECS) we have many Chartered Engineers and Council Authorised Producer Statement Authors who can review your designs and provide the appropriate PS2 for Councils.

Specialist Fire Protection Systems

Specialist fire protection systems are required for certain industrial process and mission critical areas such as UPS rooms, data centres and electrical switch rooms.

There are various solutions that may work for these areas but we recommend a consultation with the experts at Protech Design to determine which one is the best for your project.

Lighting Resource Consent reports

Resource consent lighting reports can sometimes be a requirement of a resource consent request. We can produce these reports which shows the impact of the proposed lighting design on the surrounding environment. We also have expert witnesses that can be used in peer reviews or Council hearings to provide the advice you require.,

UPS generator installations

Most businesses of any size now rely on clean, continuous power from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to prevent loss of service, data loss and damage to sensitive IT and communications equipment. It is not designed to deliver backup power indefinitely, therefore it can be used to ‘bridge the gap’ whilst a standby generator is started.

We provide UPS solutions for a range of different applications and can tailor a design suited for your business or property to provide this power protection during short-term power disturbances and blackouts.

Transformer Downgrades

Paying too much for electricity that you or you business don't use? This is a common issue many business face without even knowing it. We can provide electrical data logging services to determine your actual average energy usage and compare it to the the electrical capacity you have at your property.

If this is the case we can liaise with your local power company to get your supply transformer downgraded to make sure you you aren't getting charged for capacity you don't need, putting that extra money into your business where it belongs.


The ability to communicate is essential for businesses to run efficiently. With technological advancements happening everyday it is essential to ensure you are up to date.

At ECS we have an extensive wealth of knowledge in the Fibre, Data, CCTV, Security, Access Control Systems, Voice, Audio Digital and Automation fields to cover all aspects of the design.

Spill lighting predictions

Artificial lighting enables work, recreation and entertainment activities to occur beyond normal daylight hours. It also provides additional safety and security to sites and associated activities. However, unless used with care, it can adversely affect adjoining properties through light spill and glare.

Here at ECS we are able to model each luminaire output with the aid of computer design software and predict spill lighting and glare on neighbouring boundaries to comply with your local council authorities building consent process and AS/NZS 4282:2019.


We ensure all services we design are commissioned from a state of static completion to a fully operational system. We ok all equipment and plant installed have been installed correctly and have been testing to current AS/NZS standards to comply with all energy efficiency and health and safety requirements.

Services that require commissioning:

- HVAC Systems, Generators, Switchboards, Water Supply and Sanitation, Pumps, Motors, Fire Detection Systems, ICT Systems, Security Systems, Plant Equipment, Lifts and Escalators and much more.


Drainage systems are essential to get rid of wastes through a well-arranged network of drainage pipes. We work closely with Hydraulic Services Consultants to design drainage systems for multi-level apartments, houses, hospitals, medical centres, shopping centres, retail tenancies, offices and much more!

Hydraulic Services Consultants consistently set the national design benchmarks for water delivery, sanitary and stormwater disposal methodology with over 35+ years within the building industry working on major projects across New Zealand, Australia and the UK.


Environmentally Sustainable Design is key in all of our designs at Thurston Consulting and ones that our partners (Hydraulic Services Consultants, Protech Design and ECS) strive to achieve as well.

We are all familiar with Greenstar, Homestar and Nabersnz with many of the team holding relevant qualifications.

Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire hydrants and charged riser systems deliver water to the fire fighting service on large sites or within buildings.

We partner with the experienced team at Protech Design Limited to provide top quality design.


Swimming pools require specialist design across all building services (plumbing, mechanical, electrical).

Thurston Consulting and our partners have been involved in many swimming pool projects and can assist with any of your needs.

Vertical Transportation

Lifts and escalators are the major transportation systems for moving people within a building. They are also one of the key building blocks within a high-rise building as they tend to set the size of the buildings core.

We partner with the experts at Vertrans to provide condition assessments of existing equipment to let you know when it is time to look at upgrading the control systems, motors etc. We can also help in planning your building by running simulations to predict the optimum number, size and speed of lifts. We will then work with the architects and structural engineers to ensure the lift cores have been planned correctly at the early stages of a project.

As built documentation

Creation of as-built documentation that represents what has been built on site at the completion of the construction period.

The as-built documentation includes drawings, operating instructions, certificates, test results, equipment information.

This information is some of the most important for the ongoing operations and facilities management of a building.


Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is used as a visual deterrent to unauthorised access, theft or violence.

It can also be used for:

  • Monitoring of motion activated events
  • Remote monitoring and access
  • Historical events
  • Object recognition
  • Number plate recoginition
  • Heat maps etc.

Design and build

We work with many Contractors to achieve design build outcomes. We provide the engineering expertise to allow Contractors to concentrate on what they do best.

Dispute resolution

Whether you need an expert witness or specific advice for a dispute, we have extensive experience in this area.

Due diligence reports

We provide building services expertise to investigate buildings prior to purchase and provide advice on the following:

  • Condition of services assets
  • Suitability for future use
  • Future costs or potential liabilities

Embedded power network analysis

Are you a landlord of a large apartment building? Do you have multiple sites with a high power account? If so you could be earning revenue through an embedded or client owned power network.

We work with you to determine the feasibility and to provide options on what work is required, the cost to change to one of these networks and the potential future revenues.

Emergency lighting reports

We produce emergency lighting reports, plans and producer statements for emergency lighting building consent requirements for all types of buildings.

We liaise with the Client, Architect and Fire Engineer to determine the exact use of the building and ensure the design is in accordance with F6 - Visibility in Escape Routes and F8 - Signs of the Building Code.

Fire Alarm Systems

When a fire breaks out, every second is crucial to ensure you can get your people to safety. The earlier the fire can be detected the lower the risks for your people, property and business.

We partner with Protech Design Limited to ensure efficient design of the fire alarm and detection systems, fire indicator panels and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) that range from simple cost-effective manual systems through to large automated commercial or industrial solutions.

Hot water plant

There are many different options for hot water systems within a building, these range from standard hot water cylinders, instant electric hot water cylinders, instant gas hot water units, boilers or solar systems.

We partner with the experts at Hydraulic Services Consultants to provide you with all of the information to allow you to choose the right system for your building.

Green Star ESD

A green building is one that is designed to be good for people and have a lower impact on the environment.

Green Star is an internationally-recognised rating system for the design, construction and operation of buildings.

Green Star considers; Management, Indoor Environment Quality, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Land Use & Ecology, Emissions and Innovation.

If you are considering obtaining a Greenstar rating for your project, ensure you consult with a Greenstar Professional to advise you in the most effective points to target.

Hazardous areas

Electrical equipment should be avoided within hazardous vapor or dust areas. However, if electrical equipment must be installed then stringent requirements are required to be followed.

If you have a hazardous area or potential hazardous area on your project, ensure a hazardous area specialist is engaged to classify the zone.

We will then design the electrical systems in accordance with that zone. This requires specialist equipment, cabling, installation and certification.

High voltage installation

We work closely with the local power authorities to arrange the correct high voltage supplies for specific project requirements.

This may involve upgrading or modifying the local network for a one off project or planning larger scale zone substations or ring networks to cater for large scale developments.

We work exclusively with T.E.A.M Power Ltd. to provide customer owned high voltage network certified designs and testing and commissioning.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems provide a base level of security and communication to any building. Options available are voice, video and now app integration.

Intercom systems can be stand alone or link to security and lift control systems for added flexibility.


Lighting is a major part of every project. At ECS, our design philosophy is a mix of science and aesthetics.

The science is designing to the correct level of light for the specific task while ensuring minimal nuisance glare and a good uniformity across the space and different surfaces. We also ensure the designs are efficient so that ongoing energy use is kept to a minimum.

The aesthetics is integrating the lighting within the space to highlight interesting architectural features and enhancing the architectural design.

Lightning protection

Lightning protection is assessed in accordance with the Lightning Protection Standard AS/NZS 1768.

We conduct assessments to see if a risk of a lightning strike is higher than the values recommended within the standard.

If the risk is higher than the recommended minimums we can design an appropriate lightning protection system using air terminals, the building structure or a proprietary active mast type system.

Load monitoring reports

At ECS we have power analyzers / data loggers that can be installed to monitor power over a period of time, on any switchboard, or load, by one of our registered electricians.

We then produce an easy to read load monitoring report to highlight any areas of interest.

This may be of interest when you are planning an upgrade, are having unknown issues relating to electrical equipment or you have added equipment recently and there have been signs of overheating on electrical infrastructure.

PA systems

Public address systems consist of an input source (audio, microphone etc.), amplifiers, control and monitoring equipment and an output source (speakers) and linked together with cabling.

PA systems can be used for background music or public address in schools, shopping centres, airports, offices, stadiums, warehouses etc.


Gas can be provided to buildings to provide fuel to boilers, instant hot water heaters or cooking equipment.

We partner with Hydraulic Services Consultants to provide high quality gas system designs.


Hydraulic systems include the hot and cold water pipework, including all associated accessories such as valves and pumps, within a building.

We work closely with the experts at Hydraulic Services Consultants to provide industry leading designs for all types of projects.